Volt Introduction and Docs


When you have code you want to run out of the normal request cycle, you can do it one of two ways:

1) Runners

You can put code in lib for example at app/main/lib/some_runner.rb, then you can run the code by doing the following command:

bundle exec volt app/main/lib/some_runner.rb

The runner command will load up the current app before running the code in the .rb file.

2) Boot the App

If you need to load the volt app inside of different context. For example, using the clockwork gem, or other gems that use their own command, you can boot the volt app at any time by doing:

require 'volt/boot'

Volt.boot takes a single argument, the path to the volt app directory. Be sure to run in bundle exec with the app Gemfile so that volt and its dependencies are loaded.