Volt Introduction and Docs

Flash Collection

The flash collection lets you easily display information to the user on the client side. Flash contains four (default) ArrayModels, successes, notices, warnings, and errors. When these collections are appended to, the message will be displayed in a div with the classes of "alert alert-{{ ..collection name.. }}"


flash._successes << "Your data has been saved"
flash._errors << "Unable to save because you're not on the internet"

Strings added to any subcollection on flash will be removed after 5 seconds. By default the flash message can be clicked to clear.

Local Store Collection

The local_store collection persists its data in the browser's local store.

Cookies Collection

The cookies collection stores data in a browser cookie. Each assigned property gets saved to a cookie of the same name:

cookies._user_id = 520

puts cookie._user_id
# => "520"


Values in the cookie collection are converted to strings. Adding expiration and other options are still on our todo list. Right now cookies default to a 1 year expiration.