Volt Introduction and Docs


To get started on cloud9, boot up a rails image (since it has everything we need). Once booted, remove the existing project:

rm -rf *

First lets setup mongo (see the full docs on running mongo here).

Start a new terminal and enter the following:

mkdir data
echo 'mongod --bind_ip=$IP --dbpath=data --nojournal --rest "[email protected]"' > mongod
chmod a+x mongod

Then you can run mongod with:


Next lets install volt.

gem install volt

Then create a new project:

volt new projectname

cd into the project:

cd projectname

And start the server (on Cloud9, you must pass in the port and ip from ENV's)

bundle exec volt server -p $PORT -b $IP

Cloud9 will give each app a custom sub-domain, to visit the running app, click the Preview menu, then Preview Running Application

At least with the free version on Cloud9, your mongoDB may be uncleanly shut down periodically. You can set up a free Mongo store on www.mongolab.com instead as an alternative. Set up an account there, then add the following to your config/app.rb:

config.db_driver = 'mongo'
config.db_name = (config.app_name + '_' + Volt.env.to_s)
if ENV['MONGOHQ_URL'].present?

config.db_uri = ENV['MONGOHQ_URL'] # you will have to set this on Cloud9. else config.db_host = 'localhost' config.db_port = 27017 end ```

NOTE: if anyone wants to create a custom Volt image for cloud9, please let @ryanstout know in the gitter room. Thanks!